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DO NOT take another supplement until you read this!

When we talk about getting healthy, food and diet is one of the very first things we have to look at and consider. Then we hear about everything from Detox tea to protein shakes to meal replacements. Some people will tell you that you absolutely do not need to take supplements to meet your goals, while others will say just the exact opposite. So what is the truth? Well, the truth is, both statements are correct! But how is that possible? Keep reading.

Everyone's body is different and processes food differently and to different efficiency levels. So take Johnny boy who can eat everything in sight and feel fine. He may not need to take supplements. He may be capable of getting everything he needs from food and his body can efficiently break it all down and utilize it as needed due to hitting that genetic jackpot. While this is great, this is not everyone. So on the other hand, you have Susie Q. who has some food intolerance and gut bacteria imbalances that make digesting and utilizing food difficult on her system. She may need to consider taking supplements to help fill in the gaps that her natural diet may leave. Anything from a high quality multivitamin to a protein shake to digestive enzymes may be necessary to help her body along as she works to meet her goals. But its when looking at Susie Q that we discover the TRUE roll of supplements.

There is a reason supplements are called what they are. They are meant to supplement what we are already doing. So just because your buddy is taking an omega in the morning and a pre-workout before the gym, doesn't mean it is a great idea for you to do. You may eat more fish then your good ole gym pal does and may be getting plenty of omega making the need to that smelly fish oil null-n-void. Maybe you struggle to get enough protein. Then a protein shake may be a better way to spend your money.

So how do you know which ones you need?

Well, first, consider your diet and where you lack. Now look for things that are meant to help fill that gap. Ask a professional, look at medical articles if you know how to effectively read through them and make sense of all that technically mumbo jumbo jargon, or even ask your doctor.

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