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Top 3 Post Workout Recovery Tips!

1. Foam rolling!

It is not the most comfortable thing to do when your sore, but trust me when I say, it DEFINITELY cuts some of the time your sore down.

a. Helps increase ROM in the muscle

b. Increase blood flow

Thats not to say that these are the only benefits, but they are definitely 2 key points.

2. Post Workout Protein Shake

What you take in immediately after your workout can be one of the biggest keys to muscle gain. But before you go grabbing just any ole protein from the shelf of your local store, consider this. Some protein powders have the protein left in there larger molecular form. It takes time for your body to break that down before it can use it. So you want to look for 2 things. 1. A high quality protein and 2. A Predigested Protein (protein hydrolysate). Why? because a lot of the work is done for you. Your body can break it down and use it much faster then your other types.

3. Cold Shower!

Yes I know. I groan at the thought of this too. But believe it or not, it helps. What do you do when you have an area of inflammation? You put a cold pack on it. Your muscles after a workout are inflamed. A cold shower helps decrease the imfammation cause from your workout. After your cold shower, take a hot one right after to help flush out all that nasty buildup.

Bonus tip:


This isn't for everyone, but by taking melatonin at bedtime, your aiding your ability for a good nights rest. And if your not sleeping properly, your not recovering. I personally don't do this every night, but I cycle on and off so I don't become dependent on it. Of course, check with your doctor before you incorporate this or any supplement to your daily workout routine.

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